Choosing a school for your child, can be very daunting especially when it comes to deciding if they should attend a private day school or a boarding school. Questions such as where would they stay? Is it safe? Who will watch over them and attend to them if they are in need? are all example of the things that go through the mind of parents. These are all valid questions and Morgan International Community staff, are all here to answer those questions. MICS is equipped with the safest facilities and well trained staff who work around the clock to ensure that your ward is safe and sound. MICS believes that the students make up the family here and thus we are eager to provide the necessary care that will make you child succeed both here and outside these walls.

It is never an easy decision, the child will have to adjust to a new environment, and many cases the child will have to adjust to a whole different culture. The physical separation from family, friends and to a familiar environment can be emotionally difficult. But the guidance counselors, teachers, trained housemasters and house mistresses are well informed about these struggles, and thus are prepared to help and support any student that may have some difficulty adjusting.


Things to consider when choosing a boarding school

Attention to students -

MICS has small class sizes that help teachers engage every student in the classroom. Classroom settings are often specifically designed to encourage student participation and provide effective communication.

Quality of faculty -

Highly qualified teachers and staff are given the opportunity to teach the children and are also given the chance to go for workshops in order to update their knowledge.


Quality of resources -

student resources at boarding schools - such as the library, school theater facilities, music room or athletic complexes - are superior as compared to that of the local educational institutions.

College counseling -

college counseling departments at boarding schools are generally well-staffed. An on campus counselor is always good, they are available to see students and offer advice pertaining the problems or situations they may be facing when choosing a college/university to attend, they also help in course selection. Counselors often have plenty of experience in helping applicants identify appropriate schools and advising them on how to get into the very competitive universities. They also provide the basic career counseling that students may need.

A home away from Home

Since MICS considers everyone in the school as part of a family unit. It creates an atmosphere that makes children feel like they are still at home. There are qualified and trained housemasters/mistresses who cater to their needs and offer the pastoral care they may need. Notwithstanding the importance of friends who will support each other, as they stay at the boarding school. Children learn to understand different peoples and different cultures by making friends and living in a thriving community based on mutual respect, an excellent preparation for the adult world. It is important to note that student who speak English as a second language, may have the opportunity to learn from others and improve their own English, they will teach others about their culture and language.



MICS provides a high-quality classrooms, laboratories, dormitories and common rooms. It also provides recreational activities for students who may like to participate in sports etc. The football field, tennis court and basketball court are there for students to use, with a supervisor. The sports arenas are all on campus so there is no need for transportation to and from the venue. All our rooms are self-contained and are fitted with air conditions and fans. Our dormitories have a maximum of two students for the females and three for the males in a room. There is a Gym to help keep our students fit at all times. Our Olympic sized swimming pool is 90% complete and so students swim in the standard swimming pool on campus. Students will need a supervisor and a signed consent form, from a parent or guardian. There are many places for the student to sit, relax and read a book, or study. Libraries are opened on weekends for students, and so they always have access to the computer lab and library books


MICS Boarding school is a great place for teachers and other staff members to spot the potential in any child, nurture it and expect that success will follow. While in the boarding school setting he or she has an opportunity to develop and progress. It is well known that students in boarding school have good social skills and are able to adapt in any situation.

Developing the necessary skills for the 21st century

In developing lives of their own from a young age, by learning to live with others and understand and respect them, as well as resolving conflict (conflict resolution) when it occurs, these young people will develop all the skills they will need to go out and meet the challenges of this 21st-century world. They will improve their communication and listening skills, they will be able to relate better and learn manners. MICS provides a grooming class for all students and provides seminars to encourage a healthy lifestyle in students, this prepares them for life after high school and beyond. The skills they pick up from MICS will help them achieve their goals in life.


Our Dormitories

Boys boarding residence
    Double or Triple rooms with private bathrooms
Girls boarding residence
    Double rooms with private bathrooms


    Delicious and Nutritious Meals
MICS understands that when students are away from home, one of the main challenges they face is adjusting to meals in a different country. Therefore MICS offers diverse menu options to meet the different tastes of MICS' international student population.

Experienced staff will serve nutritious meals while working according to ethnic, cultural, and nutritional needs of MICS' students.

Because a balanced diet is essential for students' overall well- being MICS' staff will bring together top-quality ingredients and cooking methods to highlight flavour while providing optimal nutritional value. Meals use local and healthy (including organic) ingredients, to provide MICS' students with fresh and delicious meals every day.

Special Meals: are provided to vegetarian students and students with religious or special dietary needs; special meals are provided to sick students.

Meals/Snacks are provided as follows:

    Breakfast: 6:45 - 7:30 am Weekdays; 8:00-8:45 am Weekends
    Lunch: 12:40- 1:20 pm Weekdays; 12:00 – 1:00pm Weekends
    Dinner: 5:45- 6:30 pm Weekdays; 5:30- 6:30 pm Weekends
    Snack: 9:45-10:15am everyday

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