Mr Opoku Boakye Yiadom
(Head, Morgan International Community School.)

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Dear parents, guardians, staff, students and associates of this great institution, I wish to welcome you all. Morgan International Community School (MICS) continues to grow due to your interest in our dream and your unflinching support in making this institution the standard not only in the field of academia but in the preparation of our young people for the challenges of life and the advancement of our communities. I am hopeful that together our pursuit of excellence will be a great success, one that we will all be proud of contributing to.

Morgan International Community School offers students the needed holistic educational foundation for the pursuit of individual and shared goals. As evidenced by our comprehensive curriculum, our aim is to provide a combination of experiences that serve as the bedrock upon which change - be it personal, societal or international - springs forth. To this end, the MICS way is the way of right, the way of discipline, the way of discovery, the way of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership that culminate in excellence in all spheres of endeavors.

A scrutiny of the framework for our educational activities reveals a deliberate emphasis on inquiry-based learning meant to equip our learners with critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We seek to motivate them to be risk-takers, entrepreneurs, leaders and disciples of the change that we yearn to see in our society.

The school's management and staff yearn and work to see our students evolve and become the standard for excellence. Our policy is to leave nobody behind, to strengthen the bonds that keep us together and to enjoy the journey of discovery not only as individuals, but also as a strong and coherent unit looking out for one another. Thriving on feedback and the need to continuously better the attainment of our students, our tutors employ time-tested teaching strategies, coupled with the use of technology and innovative methods to bring the best out of our students during the teaching and learning process. Our co-curricular activities are not simply a breather from academic rigor but an extension of the learning experience to produce the unique MICS brand.

We are aware of the fact that the seed of failure is sown when people and institutions begin to get comfortable and refuse to reach higher laurels. Hence at MICS we are guided by the principle of continuous improvement, bearing in mind that no matter how impressive an achievement is, there is always a greater height to be attained which we should collectively strive for.

We are here today, because of our efforts, to advance, demands even more effort. To stay ahead of the pack, requires innovation, creativity, discipline and industry. Thankfully, we have all these in substantial measures so our domain of success is indeed wide; it is on this assuring note that I wish to welcome you to the MICS family; it may be a challenging experience but will be definitely wonderful and worthwhile. I implore you to be the best parent, guardian, staff or student you can be. Kindly be reminded that our history continues to be written and it is our duty to ensure that it is done in ink of gold.
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