The school employs a full-time Registered Nurse to provide first aid and emergency treatment for students who become ill or who are injured during the course of the school day. The school engages paramedical services in the event of any serious illness or injury. In the event that the School Nurse is absent from school, the school engages a fully registered Nurse to provide cover. The school has a designated First Aid room that is located in the administration block, close to the front of the school, allowing easy access for parents or paramedical services.


When a student is treated by the School Nurse a full report is sent to the parents (excluding times when children are attended with small/sometimes barely discernible cuts/grazes).

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Chicken Pox

    Minimum of 14 days from onset. Production of medical certificate Conjunctivitis After complete recovery. Eyes no longer red or discharging.

Glandular Fever

    After swelling of glands have subsided and patient is feeling well Hepatitis After complete recovery. Minimum 7 days


    After complete cleansing with special shampoo


    days after first appearance of rash. On production of medical certificate Mumps 7 days after swelling subsides


    Immediately if under appropriate treatment and affected part is covered Scarlet Fever Minimum of 14 days after commencement of treatment. Production of medical certificate.

Whooping Cough

    21 days after commencement of whooping.


The school provides insurance for all students including a 24 hour emergency ambulance service for any one in need. This service is extended to covers students’ accidents or injuries that may arise whilst they are on official school trips.


    a student who feels unwell must report to his/her (or any other) House Tutor;
    after examination the students may be given medication or referred to a specialist;
    upon return to the school clinic, the medical form and prescription form (if needed) will be given to the student's Tutor;
    prescriptions are sent to the office, medication bought and given to the student;
    where a student has to see a specialist, a day is scheduled and the student is taken (either by the parent or the school);
    requests by parents/guardians to have their wards sent to see a family specialist or doctor in special cases should be directed to the administration of school;
    when students are admitted into hospital or have a serious condition, parents will be informed;
    students who require bed rest are catered for at the Clinic/Infirmary and information is sent to the House Tutor and the Canteen.
    at the beginning of each school day, the House Tutor in charge of health shall publish a situation report on sick students;
    a student who feels unwell should inform any staff member or see the taff in charge of health;
    the student is referred to the staff in charge of health or Senior House Tutor by the staff member;
    the situation will be assessed and the student could either be given First Aid or bussed to the Clinic;
    if the situation warrants sick students will be bussed to the Hospital accompanied by the staff member in charge of health.


Eye and Skin Clinics
    the students needs a referral form from the Infirmary;
    a day is scheduled and the student is taken to see the Ophthalmologist or Dermatologist.
Dental Clinic
    a student who has any dental problems is sent to the dentist, who assessed the situation;
    parents are consulted prior to service.

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