All students must sign an Appropriate Use Policy statement regarding the use of school computers. MICS computers are provided primarily for academic use. Any student who violates the policy is subject to disciplinary action.

Our intent is to make the MICs computer network and internet access available to further the educational goals, objectives, and the mission of Morgan International Community School.

General guidelines for use of electronic media and general behaviour/expectations

The network and the internet are provided for users to conduct research, complete class assignments and communicate with others. Access to network service is given to students who agree to adhere to the MICS guidelines. Access is a privilege- not a right and entails responsibility. Students are held responsible for seeking appropriate materials and avoiding other potentially offensive materials. Within reason, freedom of speech and access to information will be honoured. Students are expected to be mindful of their bandwidth use.

Individual users of the computer networks are responsible for their behaviour and communications over those networks. Students will comply with school standards and will honour the agreements they have signed. Teachers shall report any misuse of the network to a supervisor. Network administrators may review rules and monitor communications to main system integrity and ensure that the system is being used responsibly.


Ink and paper are limited resources and need to be conserved. Printing is allowed for academic purposes only. No printing of e-mail, personal web page information (party invitations song lyrics, pictures of celebrities, etc.) or printing for other personal use is allowed.

File Space

File space on the MICS servers is limited. Taking up space with large files, such as image, music, or video files, reduces network performance and space on the servers for legitimate academic work. Saving music, video or image files on a MICS account, except when directly related to school assignments is not allowed. Students should purchase their own storage devices.

Network Accounts

Students will be given a login name and password. Students are responsible to choose a memorable password that no one would ever guess. It is advisable to use a combination of letters and numbers and symbols. Students are not permitted to share passwords with anyone. Students are not permitted to use another student's or staff member's account or to trespass in another's folder/files without permission.

Personal Laptops

Personal laptops may be connected to the network in classrooms and labs or wirelessly by bringing the computer to the IT Office and getting it properly registered. Students must abide by all the rules and guidelines contained in this agreement. The first violation will be enough reason to lose laptop privileges on campus. Students are responsible to maintain their personal equipment themselves. No software from home or the internet may be installed on the network.

Unacceptable activities include, but are not limited to:

using peer to peer and/or Bit Torrents
using voice over IP (VoIP) programs such as Skype
participating in authorized chat rooms
sharing music libraries over the network (like ITunes)
listening to internet radio
unauthorized downloading of any kind
watching feature-length movies online
playing unauthorized games
displaying, saving or distribution offensive messages or pictures
revealing a classmate's MICS details or personal information
using another student's account or trespassing in another's folder/files without permission
using/accessing obscene language
violating copyright laws
installing unauthorized software on school computers
accessing inappropriate or non-educational related websites
logging on to computers not normally used by students
selling items on the Internet
downloading or creating viruses
viewing or distributing pornography

Unacceptable behaviour in the labs and libraries include, but are not limited to:

eating or drinking anywhere in a computer lab or library
printing in excess or printing documents not related to school
deliberately causing damage to a computer or other school equipment


Violations will result in a loss of access privileges as well as other disciplinary actions:

First Violation: User account will be disabled for two school days
Second Violation: The user account will be disabled for four school days and student will meet with the school administration as deemed necessary by the Technology Coordinator.
Third Violation: User account will be disabled indefinitely until a solution is determined by the student, the parents and the school administration.

Students will be given the agreement prior to the commencement of classes and failure to submit a signed form will result n the student not being allowed to use the school computers for any use.

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